Idea USSD Codes List 2019: Find Number, Get Loan, Transfer Balance

As you all know that after merging with Vodafone, Idea has become the most popular telecom operator nowadays. After becoming the most searchable brand they decided to generate some short Idea USSD Codes list which helps users to out from any problem. Most of the users don’t know what is his/her phone number. To keep every situation in mind Idea network has introduced these USSD codes.

The term USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data which is commonly used to send the SMS between mobile number and any application program. So, I have listed all the valid Idea USSD Codes list in this article through which you can easily get idea emergency Talktime loan, send balance between idea to idea sim, and easily find your own idea mobile number.

So, I have categorized the article into three parts. In the first, you will get knowledge about how to check your idea number. And in the next part, you will know about how to get Idea emergency Talktime loan. In the final part, you will see the short tricks to share balance between idea to idea operator. If you keep in touch with our articles then we will tell you the latest free recharge tricks through which you can get Free 4G data every day.

all idea ussd codes list

Idea to Idea Balance Transfer USSD Code

In order to transfer balance from Idea to Idea number, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Hold your mobile phone in your hand and open the number pad.
  • Now, tap the buttons and dial *191#.
  • On next screen, you will find a pop up displaying various options.
  • Select transfer balance option from the list.
  • Enter the Idea number in which you want to transfer balance.
  • Now, enter the amount that you want to transfer.
  • That’s all, you have successfully transferred balance to other Idea number.

Idea Emergency Talktime Credit Loan USSD Code

Are you running out of balance on your Idea number? Don’t you have anyone to recharge your number right now? Don’t worry Idea provides emergency talk time  loan to its users. You can take ₹10 and ₹20 loan by just simply dialing a USSD code.

Telecom OperatorIdea
USSD CODE (Method 1)*150*10#
USSD CODE (Method 1)*150*20#
Valid ForPrepaid Users
Selected AreaAll Over India

Idea Number Check USSD Code

You can check your Idea number via three methods. In all three methods, you have to dial a USSD Code. The Idea Number check USSD code are as follow:

Telecom OperatorIdea
USSD CODE (Method 1)*456#
USSD CODE (Method 1)*131*1#
USSD CODE (Method 2)*121*4*6*2#
Valid ForPrepaid Users
Selected AreaAll Over India
  • Take your mobile phone and open the dial pad.
  • Now, dial any of the above USSD code from your Idea number.
  • On the next screen, You will find your Idea mobile number.

Idea Validity Check USSD Code

Do you want to check the validity of your Idea number by dialing Idea USSD codes. Currently, Idea have two USSD codes that allow its users to heck their account validity. Also, Using these codes you can check your Idea account balance too.

Telecom OperatorIdea
USSD CODE (Method 1)*121#
USSD CODE (Method 2)*130#
Valid ForPrepaid Users
Selected AreaAll Over India

Simply dial the above USSD codes from your Idea mobile number and get your Idea number validity displayed on the screen.

Idea Internet Balance Check USSD Code

Currently, Idea is providing 2G, 3G, and 4G data services to its user all over India. You can check your Internet balance by just dialing one USSD code. One USSD code works for all internet plans.

Telecom OperatorIdea
Valid ForPrepaid Users
Selected AreaAll Over India

Main Balance Check Idea USSD Code

Telecom OperatorIdea
USSD CODE (Method 1)*121#
USSD CODE (Method 2)*130#
Valid ForPrepaid Users
Selected AreaAll Over India

Idea Best Recharge Offers Check USSD Code

Different number have different offers depending upon the usage of that number. If you are using a particular number only for calling then you will get best talk time offers for you. Similarly, For internet services you will get best internet plans in your best recharge offers.

You can check your Idea best recharge offer by just dialing *121# from your Idea mobile number. This USSD code is valid only for prepaid users.

Idea Internet Loan USSD Code

Just like Idea Emergency Balance Balance credit loan, Idea Internet Loan is also available. If you are running short of data on your current plan for a day, then you can have internet loan from Idea. This will be deducted next day from your account. To get Idea Internet Loan follow the following steps.

  • Open message box in your smartphone and tap on create new message.
  • Type ICREDIT in capital letters and send it to 144.
  • You will receive a message with successful credit of Internet in your Idea number.

Idea Callertune Activation USSD Code

Good news for all Idea users. Now you can activate your Idea caller tune by dialing a USSD code. There are two methods of activating caller tune on your Idea number. One is by dialing a USSD code and other is by calling a specific number. Both code and number are provided here.

Telecom OperatorIdea
USSD CODE (Method 1)*696#
DIAL NUMBER (Method 2)56789
Valid ForPrepaid Users
Selected AreaAll Over India

Idea Callertune Deactivation USSD Code

Idea caller tune deactivation is as simple as caller tune activation. In order to deactivate Idea caller tune just type DT DEACT and send it  to 55456. After that, you will receive a text message about the deactivation of your Idea caller tune.

Mostly Used All Idea USSD Codes List 2019

Type of ServiceUSSD Code
Idea Talktime Balance and Validity check ussd codes*121# or *130#
Idea 4G GPRS Internet SettingSend SMS “SET” to 54671
Idea Unlimited Calls and Data Pack offer check code*131*2#
Idea Internet Data Balance check ussd code*125#
Idea Talktime Balance Transfer*191#
Idea Service main menu ussd codes*121*4#
Idea ₹10 (Talktime Credit) loan ussd code*150*10#
Idea ₹20 (Talktime Credit) loan ussd code*150*20#
Activate Idea Caller Tune*696# OR Call on 56789
Port Idea Mobile NumberPORT Mobile number” To 1900
Idea Customer Care NumberCall on 12345
Idea Account all Information Check ussd Code*121*4*1#
Idea Voice Balance check ussd Code*131*3#
Idea SMS Balance check ussd Code*131*4#
Check Own Idea Mobile Number ussd Code*131*1# OR *131*4*4#
Idea My plan Infomation check code*121*4*1*6#
Idea Last Recharge Details Check Code*121*4*1*8#
Idea Miss Call Alert Service USSD Code Dial *777*1#
Start Idea Data Notification Service *121*4*3*1#
Stop Idea Data Notification Service *121*4*3*2#
Idea Hero Best Offers*121*4*4#
Idea Unlimited Calls and Data Plan ₹348*121*4* 5*1#
Idea Unlimited Calls and Data Plan ₹148*121*4* 5*2#
Activate Idea DND serviceSTART to 1909
Deactivate Idea DND serviceSTOP to 1909
Idea customer care complain helpline number198
USSD Code to get Hunny bunny hello tuneSMS “HB” to 56789

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