Droom Helmet Sale Next Date Flash 24 October at 11 am


If you are looking for a branded helmet with a small price tag then you are on the right track. We have come back with a new droom helmet sale in which you can buy an ISI mark helmet just at ₹9 only. Droom helmet sale next date flash 24th October(expected). This original price of the helmet is ₹850.  In the first sale of droom helmet, the droom helmet price tag was ₹29. After its successful feedback, droom.in decided to change its price again to ₹99.

On the occasion of Diwali, droom has announced to cut down the droom helmet sale price from ₹99 to ₹9 only. Sound unbelievable? yes, it is absolutely right. After the price droom helmet price revised, the first batch of the helmet was sold within seconds during the droom helmet sale on 12th September 2019. Now interesting buyers are waiting for the next sale. According to our sources, it’s finally coming on 24th October.

Besides this,  check out also upcoming Rs 1 flash sale 2019 Mi Rs 1 Flash Sale, Mi 40inch LED TV Flash Sale. Droom helmet flash sale will begin at 11 am in the middle of this month. If you are interested to buy the helmet then get ready with a proper internet connection and payment option because the sale will live only for a few minutes.

droom helmet sale

Droom Helmet Sale Next Date and Time

Droom Helmet SaleTap Here
Next Sale Date24th October(Expected)
Last Sale Date12th September
Sale CategoryFlash Sale

Currently, we are not confirmed for the next flash sale date of droom helmet. As the droom has down the price of droom helmet under Droom Diwali Mela so we can say that the droom helmet next sale will live on 24th October. Keep in touch for further updates regarding droom helmet sale next date 2019.

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How to get helmet through Droom Helmet Sale?

  • Now register yourself for the next droom helmet sale 2019 by entering email id.
  • When the sale is live you got an email from the droom side to notify regarding any updates.
  • Fastly open the sale page, and click on the Buy Now button.
  • Helmet will be added in your account wishlist, now apply coupon code DAMNEWHELMETRS9
  • When you apply the above-mentioned droom promo code, the helmet price down at ₹9.
  • Finally, pay using your debit card or any UPI method instantly to get the helmet.
  • At last, you will get an SMS from droom India “your order placed successfully”.
  • And you will be received the helmet within one week only.

Droom Helmet Sale Terms and Conditions

  • The first and important condition is that you can order a single helmet per account.
  • Don’t try to make accounts using the same id because it will not work.
  • Droom Flash Sale will begin at 11 am on the sale day.
  • Most importantly, the price will directly proportional to time. It means as time increase on the day of the sale price will also rise.
  • Helmet will available with a single color design only.
  • You can return the product only if it will receive in damaged condition.
  • The Droom helmet is 100% genuine product with the ISI logo.
  • The delivery charge for droom helmet is absolutely free.

Best Trick to Buy Helmet in Droom Helmet Sale

droom helmet price

Sometimes what happens the website doesn’t respond due to the number of users online at the same time. To prevent yourself from this, We are sharing some tips to buy the helmet for sure during the droom helmet sale.

  • Firstly signup using the details before one day of sale.
  • After that, set your profile with your details, number, address.
  • In addition, add your debit/credit card details if possible.
  • Now, wait for the droom helmet sale.
  • On the next day, just open the sale page and add the product to the wishlist.
  • All you need to do is just pay for your order using your savings card.
  • Like this, you will surely get your helmet from the droom helmet sale.

Droom Helmet Sale Promo Code

droom helmet sale next date

Many users still don’t know how to apply droom helmet promo code and where to apply this promo code. So, in this section, I will tell you where to apply droom promo code 2019. When you move droom helmet to the wishlist of droom account. Here you will see an option Apply Coupon, enter the latest working promo code given by droom India official. When the coupon is applied by the user, the droom helmet price will cut down from Rs 850 to Rs 9 only. From this, you can guess what is the value of Droom helmet promo code in this sale.

Droom Helmet Sale 12th September Promo Code

  • Droom Helmet Flash Sale ₹9, 9 AM – 10 AM DAMNEWHELMETRS9
  • Droom Helmet Flash Sale ₹19, 10 AM – 11 AM DAMNEWHELMETRS19
  • Droom Helmet Flash Sale ₹29, 11 AM – 12 PM DAMNEWHELMETRS29
  • Droom Helmet Flash Sale ₹39, 12 PM – 1 PM DAMNEWHELMETRS39
  • Droom Helmet Flash Sale ₹49, 1 PM – 2 PM DAMNEWHELMETRS49
  • Droom Helmet Flash Sale ₹59, 2 PM – 3 PM DAMNEWHELMETRS59
  • Droom Helmet Flash Sale ₹69, 3 PM – 4 PM DAMNEWHELMETRS69
  • Droom Helmet Flash Sale ₹79, 4 PM – 5 PM DAMNEWHELMETRS79
  • Droom Helmet Flash Sale ₹89, 5 PM – 6 PM DAMNEWHELMETRS89
  • Droom Helmet Flash Sale ₹99, 6 PM – 7 PM DAMNEWHELMETRS99
  • Droom Helmet Flash Sale ₹109, 7 PM – 8 PM DAMNEWHELMETRS109
  • Droom Helmet Flash Sale ₹119, 8 PM – 9 PM DAMNEWHELMETRS119

Trending Questions Related to Droom Helmet Sale

In this section, we have covered almost all the questions regarding droom helmet sale. Many of our users sometimes face the issue so we try to put all the solutions to your questions.

What is Droom Helmet Sale?

Droom helmet sale is a promotional offer which comes in flash sale. Under this droom helmet offer, you will stand a chance to buy the helmet just at Rs 9 only.

At what time the Droom Helmet sale will live?

Droom helmet sale will live at 11 am on the particular day of droom helmet sale. This sale ends when all the helmet goes out of stock.

What is Droom Helmet Sale Next Date?

The droom helmet sale next date is 24th October 2019(expected). Still, we are not sure about this date. But be ready in advance because the sale is live only for a few couples of minutes.

What is Droom Helmet Sale Promo Code?

Droom Helmet Sale promo code is an exclusive coupon code by which you can drop the sale price from Rs 850 to Rs 9 only. Make sure you have entered the right droom promo code in the coupon code section.

What is Droom Helmet Offer Today?

Droom helmet offer is an exclusive offer that is available only in droom.in website. Under this offer, you can win a good design, ISI marked, lightweight, sports look helmet at a reasonable price.

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