What is the difference Between Ola and Uber?

In this article, we are going to share some amazing facts that make a big difference between ola and uber. Basically, Ola cabs and uber is an Indian transportation network which offers online cab booking, food delivery, long drive taxi booking, corporate cab booking. If we talk about coupons offers then both the cabs are the same in this zone.

As we all know that Ola is an Indian based company which is founded in December 2010. On the other hand, Uber is an American multinational transportation company which has its headquarter in  San Francisco, and started in August 2017. If we differentiate according to their network in India then Ola wins the race because it is 7 years olde than Uber.

We can not reach at final decision by viewing only one side of the coin. So, in this article, I am going to list a top reason to explain what is the difference between Ola cabs and Uber. Ola has started its new referral program, under this offer if you download the ola app by using our special ola referral code then you will get ₹50 ola money into the ola wallet.

ola cab vs uber

What is Ola Cabs?

what is ola cabs

As we already told you at the top of the article, ola is an Indian cab booking platform through which you can go anywhere, anytime in all the weekdays. Ola has already made its app which is available on google play store or iOS store. Now you are thinking what is the benefits of ola app? If you have ola app then you can book the cab online easily by completing a few steps. By using the app, you can also avail a big discount on your rides. If you don’t have ola app then click here to download the ola app and get free ₹50 ola money. There is one point which makes ola better than uber, ola enables you to book your ride in advance but uber doesn’t have this feature.

What is Uber?

what is uber

Uber is an American based company which is running not only transportation network rather uber eats is also sub-branch of Uber. As we only talking about online cab booking platform, uber is offering services that include door to door cab booking, ride service hailing. In addition, uber has also started its food delivery app similar to Swiggy and Zomato. Let’s talk about ride-sharing feature, uber lose this game because in uber you can not share your ride with someone. Due to this, people prefer ola cab by replacing uber.

Ola vs Uber

According to price, uber go base price is starting at Rs.8 per kilometer and if we talk about ola base price, the price starts at Rs.12 per km that is much higher than Uber go. On the other hand, ola has advance booking option in its app. What is advance booking feature? Let us assume that you have to go somewhere in the evening then you can easily book your ride at any time before go time. If we want to know who came first ola or uber? then the answer is ola because ola became the first Indian transportation network.

Benefits of Ola Cabs

  • Ola has ride-sharing feature.
  • No need to add cash in ola wallet, pay directly to the driver.
  • Ola brings a lot of offers for a corporate ride.
  • Ola is giving ₹50 for downloading its mobile app.
  • Ola doesn’t change its fare all the time in a day.

Benefits of Uber

  • You don’t need to tell any OTP to start your ride.
  • According to a survey report, Uber got the highest marks for safety.
  • If you give bad rating then the taxi leads to deactivated.
  • You can give extra money as a tip to the driver.
  • Uber has its own food delivery app.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Ola Cabs

How does the Ola Cabs works?

First of all, download the ola app from this link. Now, install it and make an account on ola and set your current location and drop location. After that, click on ride now button and confirm your booking.

Is Ola Cabs available 24 hours?

Of course, ola has 24 hours service all the day of a week. But in the night its fare is a little bit expensive as compared to the day time.

Can I book Ola through website?

Yes, you can book a cab easily using ola website olacab.com. To book a cab, open ola official website and enter your pick and drop location in the drop location box.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Uber

How can I get a Uber Cab?

You just need to download the uber app. Now open it and signup using your valid details and drop your pick and destination location. After that, add Rs.500 in your uber wallet to pay for your taxi ride.

Is Uber cheaper than other taxi?

Absolutely right, uber price is cheaper than other taxi platforms. Normally, every taxi owner takes minimum 8-9 rupees per km whereas uber take only Rs.7 per km.

Can I Pay Uber through UPI Method?

From the last week, you can pay through UPI for your ride. Before last week, you have to load money in the uber wallet. I think by this, uber can grab more customers in its lap.

How can I do tip Uber driver?

When you ride going to the end, you will be eligible to give a rating for your ride. After rating, you will see an option to add a tip for taxi driver.

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