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Amazon Healthy India Quiz Answers, Today Amazon Healthy Daily Quiz Answers, Healthy Amazon Quiz India contest, Amazon Healthy India Quiz Contest 2020 are the core names of Amazon Healthy India Quiz Answers. Why has not anyone written about it yet? because this quiz has not offered any type of cash prizes.

Why should You Participate in Amazon Healthy India Quiz? by giving the answers to this quiz you can understand how to take protective measures precautions against Novel Coronavirus 2019. It is not important to do anything just to earn money health is also a major part of our life.

So, be ready to play Amazon Quiz Answers to get informative news about COVID-19. By doing this you can familiar with what should I do? What precautions should I take against COVID-19? guidelines that have been given by WHO( World Health Organization).

amazon healthy india quiz answers

Amazon Healthy India Quiz Answers Details

Quiz NameAmazon Healthy India Quiz Answers
PrizeNot Applicable
Money TypeNot Applicable
No. of Questions6
No. of WinnersNobody
Opening DateAlways LIVE
Closing DateAlways LIVE
Result DeclaredNot Applicable

How to Play Amazon Healthy India Quiz

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  • Sign in to your account using app.
  • Now go to  Give these Contests a go or Funzone Section.
  • Here you will an image as I mentioned below.
    amazon healthy india quiz
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Amazon Healthy India Quiz Answers

Amazon Healthy India today Quiz Answers

Question.1 What is the recommended minimum time duration you should wash your hands for to prevent spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus?

Option 1. 5 seconds 2. 10 seconds 3. 15 seconds 4. 20 seconds

Answer: 20 Seconds

According to the WHO Safety guideline, we should wash our hands at least for 20 seconds.

Question.2 To prevent COVID-19, it is safest to avoid physical contact when greeting. Which of the below popular gestures is NOT a safe greeting?

Option 1. Namaste 2. Bow 3. Adaab 4. Handshake

Answer: Handshake

Obviously, we would like to go with Handshake because it is the only method to meet someone with physical contact.

Question.3 The WHO recommends you should maintain at least _______ distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. Fill in the blanks.

Option 1. 1 Feet 2. 2 Feet 3. 1 meter (3 feet) 4. 5 meter (16 Feet)

Answer: 1 meter (3 Feet)

When someone coughing or sneezing then you have to maintain a 1 meter (3 feet) distance between you and anyone.

Question.4 Which of these is NOT a common symptom of COVID-19?

Option 1. Rash 2. Shortness of Breath 3. Fever 4. Dry cough

Answer: Rash

As you all know that Shortness of Breath, fever, and dry cough is a common symptom of COVID-19 virus except Rash.

Question.5 What is the recommended duration for self-quarantine for monitoring COVID-19 symptoms, in case you have had any contact with an infected person?

Option 1. 3 days 2. 14 days 3. 5 days 4. 1 week

Answer: 14 days

Unfortunately, if you come in contact with an infected person then you should lock yourself in the room for 14 days as self-quarantine to get the result.

Question.6 The novel coronavirus spreads from person to person through ______, and transmitted mainly when an infected person coughs/sneezes. Fill in the blanks.

Option 1. Respiratory droplets(droplets from the nose/mouth) 2. Gamma rays 3. Bacterial follicles 4. Hair follicles

Answer: Respiratory droplets(droplets from the nose/mouth)

Because COVID-19 is transmitted mainly through the Human body’s Respiratory droplets. So, other options are totally wrong.

amazon healthy india quiz today answers

Amazon Healthy India Quiz Answers Important Points

  • This quiz is sponsored by Amazon Seller Services Private Limited.
  • The objective of this quiz is to spread awareness against Novel Coronavirus.
  • Amazon Healthy India Quiz contains 6 questions.
  • There is no cash prize for this quiz.
  • No expiry date has announced by Amazon.
  • Participate in Quiz to be a part of keeping yourself informed.

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