Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz today Answers


Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz, Amazon Business today quiz answers, Amazon extra savings quiz answers, Amazon today business extra savings quiz answers, Amazon today extra savings quiz answers, these are the various name of this amazon quiz answer contest. Earlier I shared about Oyo Q Quiz Answers.

In this contest, if you give all the correct answers of Amazon business extra savings offer then your Amazon account will be credited with Rs 20000 amazon pay balance. To win this amazon quiz answer contest you have to give 5 correct answers. One more thing only 5 participants will be selected as a winner for this contest.

Do not panic because I have already written down the correct answers to the Amazon Business extra savings quiz in this post. You just need to read and give the right answer to the amazon quiz without wasting time.

amazon business extra savings quiz answers

Amazon Extra Savings Quiz Answer Details

QuizAmazon Business Extra Savings
PrizeRs 20,000
Money TypeAmazon Pay
No. of Questions5
No. of Winners5
Validity19th March to 10th April
Result Declared30th April 2020

What is Amazon Quiz Time

How to Play Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz?

  • Go to google play store and download Amazon app.
  • Always remember, quiz contest does not work on the website.
  • Make an account on Amazon and sign in to the Amazon app.
  • Now go to Give these Contests a go section by scrolling down the page.
  • Tap on the start button and give correct answers.

Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz Answers

Amazon Extra Savings Quiz Answers 31st March 2020

Question.1 In contexts to businesses and tax, what is the full form of GST?

Option 1. Goods Signed Tariff 2. Greater Service Tax 3. Goods and Service Tax 4. Gift and Service Traffic

Answer: Goods and Service Tax

GST stands for Goods and Service Tax, it is a consumption tax on goods collected by our government in five types 0%, 12%, 18% 28%. GST act has implemented on 1st July 2017.

Question.2 Amazon Business is a program within that provides several benefits to businesses shopping from the site. Which of these is a benefit it offers?

Option 1. GST invoices on Purchase 2. Bulk Discounts 3. Business Exclusive Deals 4. All of these

Answer: All of these

Above mentioned options are the basic requirement to run any type of business.

Question.3 Amazon Business started in India in 2017 and is present in only 1 other country in Asia apart from India. Which country is it?

Option 1. Iran 2. Japan 3. Vietnam 4. Singapore

Answer: Japan

Question.4 You can purchase in bulk and avail quantity discounts in your business account. True/False?

Option 1. True 2. False

Answer: True

There are always two types of shopping in the world, one is to purchase for self and the second is to purchase for our customers in bulk. If we talk about the second one it will automatically lie in wholesaler type. When we do shopping as a wholesaler we will always get a discount to answer is yes.

Question.5 What is the fee for converting your existing account to an Amazon Business account?

Option 1. Rs. 5 2. Rs. 4.5 3. Rs 2,000 4. It’s free of cost

Answer: It’s free of cost

amazon extra savings quiz today answer

If you want to become a well-settled businessman then transfer your customer account to Amazon business account without paying any money.

So, guys, these are the correct answers of Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz. Read them carefully before participating in the amazon business extra quiz today answers.

Amazon Extra Savings Quiz Important Points

  • The contestant should have a legal citizen of India.
  • Go to Account setting and set India as your current location.
  • Your shipping address must be in India.
  • Participant age must be 18 and above.
  • You should have verified the identity proof of India.
  • Quiz has started on 19th March 2020.
  • It will run till 10th April 2020.
  • 5 participants can enjoy the benefits of this amazon quiz.
  • Result will be declared on 30th April 2020.

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